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Renewal – Step 1 – Payment

We ask you to determine the price for your subscription yourself, according to your ability to pay.

We suggest an average payment of US$50.00 per year.

We only ask that it will be not less than US$15.00 per year. We have set this minimum so low because we don’t want to price Presbyweb out of reach of seminary students, the unemployed, the disabled, etc.

You can  send a check to:
1405 J Ave. E
Oskaloosa, IA 52577
If your subscription has expired and you don’t want to wait for your access to be restored until after we have received your check, call: 641-569-0786, and we will give you access right away.

Or pay with a credit card:
Fill in the amount you want to pay below, and click submit. Address can be changed on the next screen.

Payments may take a minute to process, DO NOT refresh your browser. Thank you.

Questions? Email us, or call us at 641.569.0786.


Subscription Payment: $.00