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Group Subscriptions

What better way to get all group members well-informed about the news of the Christian Church in the world, and her interaction with the cultures, then to give them a subscription to CHURCHandWORLD.com! Even more so if we have an edition for your particular denomination!

This is how group subscriptions work – it is simple:

  1. You designate one person of the group as contact person.
  2. The contact person emails us a list of names and contact information (address, email address) of every person in the group.
  3. We register all the group members, and send each one an email message notifying that they have received a year’s subscription as a group member, what that member’s login and password is, and some general information.
  4. The contact person pays in one payment for the whole group. The price is a minimum of $15.00 per group member. You have two payment options:
    • By check – send it to CHURCHandWORLD.com – 1405 J Ave East – Oskaloosa, IA 52577
    • By VISA or MasterCard – give us your credit card information over the phone (641.569.0786) or via email to subscriptions@churchandworld.com (some people send us a part of their credit card information in one email, and the rest in an another, for greater security).
  5. Once a year we send renewal notices to the contact person, who again sends us a list so we can make the necessary changes.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Just email us!