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Q. Do I have to type in my login and password every time I go to CHURCHandWORLD.com?
A. Not at all! After you have registered, and as long as your account is current, you will have access without any complications.
Explanation: When you register, a tiny text file is created on your computer, called a cookie, and it contains encoded information. Every time you tell your browser to get a page of CHURCHandWORLD.com for you, it sends the information from that cookie along, and our system uses that information to check your account. If it finds your account is not current, you will get a page telling you how to make it current, otherwise you just get the CHURCHandWORLD.com page for which you asked. Only if your browser doesn’t find a cookie for CHURCHandWORLD.com on your computer – because it has been erased, or you use a different computer – will you be asked to type in your login and password.

Q. I have a computer at home and at work. Do I have to buy a separate subscription for each one?
A. No. Your subscription goes with you wherever you go. After you have registered on one of your computers, you may use the login and password that you have chosen, on your other computer (and in the library, at your friend’s, etc.). You only have to register once. Same thing when you buy a new computer.

Q. What if I forget my login and password?
A. It is easier for you if you don’t! So, write it down at a place where you can easily find it (such as a little card in your billfold).
If need be, send us an email or call us at (641) 569-0786 during office hours (Central Time).

Q. Can I change my login and/or password?
A. Yes, you can, by clicking here

Q. Several people in our office (our session, our committee, etc.) would like to use Presbyweb, and we want one person to pay for us all. How can we do that?
A. It is easy! See our page for Group Subscriptions.

Have another question? Email us!
or call (during office hours: (641) 569-0786