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CHURCHandWORLD.com is an independent, daily (M-F) publication for lay and clergy church leaders at all levels.

We aim to report on the Church worldwide and the interaction with the cultures in which the Church ministers. We inform our readers in a quick and easy way about what is happening in, with and to the Church, and what is published on English-language website worldwide in as far as we believe church leaders would want to know: news, books, articles, blogs, op-eds etc. about all issues of great interest to church leaders. We always provide a link to the source. We post a new issue  every day, except on Saturdays and Sundays, holidays and during vacations.

We give news and opinions “from the entire spectrum”, regardless our own convictions. We consciously and purposely don’t provide “balance” – we link to what we find when we find it. We don’t hold anything back until there is a balancing voice, neither do we ask people to  provide balancing pieces. If there is balance, it is to be found over time, but we cannot guarantee it, because obviously we  cannot predict the future. About some issues one side produces much more “stuff” than another side. So be it.

All readers have a general invitation to send in opinion pieces and letters to the editor. We don’t solicit in any other way. Links to articles are always welcome, too.

We often link directly to the Amazon page of books, which provides information and reviews. It also shows the different available versions (Hardcover, Paperback, used copies, Audio, Kindle).

We used to — but no longer — provide  detailed news about the Presbyterian Church(USA) — that is all we did in 1998 when we started, and explains the original name “Presbyweb”, but soon, we added the general news about the Church worldwide. Nowadays we link to news from denominations and groups only when we have reason to believe it is also of interests of church leaders who don’t belong to that particular denomination.

This publication is subscription based. We offer a free trial subscription for one month upon registration to everybody. If you decide not to become a paying subscriber, you don’t have to do anything – except ignore a few emails from us. The recommended price for a year’s subscription is $50, with a required minimum of $15 for seminary students, the unemployed, etc. More than $50 is certainly welcome and helps make it possible for us to continue offering this publication for the very low recommended subscription price (some 250 issues!), and the extremely low required minimum.

We currently put this publication together with a staff of 3 persons, together working on it some 60 hours a week, and with the help of readers who  inform us when they think we might have missed something!

Thank you for your interest.

Hans Cornelder, Editor

We have no control over and therefore cannot accept responsibility for articles that are located outside our own domain to which we provide a link.
Those articles may not be entirely accurate regardless of the general trustworthiness of the publications in which they appear. They may also have been changed after we posted the link.
Linking to an article, or posting a letter or opinion piece, does not imply endorsement by CHURCHandWORLD.com.