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1. Every day except Sundays we post a new issue with news about the Church.
For whom? 
Lay and clergy leaders in U.S. churches, from grassroots to national leaders, as well as missionaries all over the world, and anybody else who wants to be well-informed about the life and mission of the Church of Jesus Christ in the world.

2. We give two broad categories of news in each issue:
• General news about the PC(USA), in some detail.  Issues for other denominations may be added in the future.  (Many non-PC(USA) people simply skip this part)

• NEWS and opinions about the Church worldwide – not denominational specific. The  interaction of the Church (in the widest sense of the word) with the cultures in which Christians minister. (E.g. issues under  debate among Christians; the interaction with other religions and philosophies; issues of church and state; changes in ministry and attitudes; how the Church is viewed by outsiders; the impact the Church has on the cultures, and vice versa; how the Church does mission in the world; how to help the poor effectively; persecution of Christians; developments in science to which Christians need to find an ethical response, and more…)
PLUS we post unsolicited letters, opinion pieces, columns, etc.  sent to us by readers.

3. Who pays for CHURCHandWORLD.com? We are (fiercely) independent from any denomination, organization, or group. Our independence is very important for our mission. Therefore, since we don’t want to and cannot afford to work for nothing, we ask our readers to pay a small annual subscription fee.   This is a site people want to pay for! After all, “it is the quick and easy way to miss nothing.” The suggested subscription fee is $50 per year, with a minimum of $15 (for seminary students).

THE FIRST MONTH IS ALWAYS FREE , NO STRINGS ATTACHED (registration is required),  so you will have ample opportunity to learn first-hand what PRESBYWEB has to offer. The suggested subscription fee is $50 per year, with a minimum of $15 (for seminary students).

4. Our editorial approach. We will expose you consistently to voices from the entire spectrum, whether we agree with them or not. So expect:

always something to like,
always something to dislike,
always something to ponder.

You better believe that we don’t leave out opinions we don’t like!We just want to know and make known what’s out there on those countless web pages we monitor each day for you in search of news and information we think you as a church leader  might be interested in. When we do insert our own opinions, we clearly tell you.
Note: We link to what we find when we find it. Which means that many days there is no balance on our site! That doesn’t bother us at all. We don’t try to manufacture “balance”, as it would mean  withholding articles  until we find a piece from the other side, which we don’t know will ever come. We don’t ask people to write a countering article, either. If there is “balance” on our site, it is over time. Who knows what we will find for you tomorrow!
All our readers are invited to send us letters, opinion pieces (and columns,  links to articles and blogs), and we are very generous in our acceptance policy.

See for yourself to what this editorial policy leads. Try us out!  Come to CHURCHandWORLD.com often, if not daily!

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Hans Cornelder, general editor

“We aim to chronicle the life and mission of the Church of Jesus Christ